Alpha and Omega On DVD

Alpha and Omega is now available on DVD, Blu-Ray and for digital download through most major retailers and online through Amazon here: Alpha and Omega

Come along on the ultimate road-trip adventure that will leave the whole family howling with laughter! When Kate, a take-charge “Alpha” wolf, and Humphrey, a laid back “Omega” wolf get snatched by park rangers and relocated halfway across the country, the two must set off on an incredible journey home. With the help of a goofy golfing goose and his quacky duck caddy, Kate and Humphrey won’t let anything stop them – prickly porcupines, grumpy bears, even a speeding locomotive – from getting back to Jasper Park in time to help save their pack from rival wolves. And along the way, Kate and Humphrey learn that even though they are complete opposites, they make a pretty good team! It’s a thousand miles of fun in this wildly entertaining journey the whole pack can enjoy together.

Check it out to find out if opposites really do attract, at least in the wolf world…

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New Bakugan Movie?

Your kids favorite Battle Brawlers may soon be coming to a theater near you. Universal pictures has attached “Karate Kid” director Harold Swart to the Bakugan movie project, according to an exclusive at The Wrap.
Harold did a great job with Karate Kid, it was one of our favorite movies of the summer. I went with my son to check it out, but wasn’t expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. I’m sure he’ll put his personal touch on the Bakugan movie.

Bakugan is a kid favorite, especially at our house. I can’t wait to see what the movie brings.

Image: Bakugan Poster Battle Action at Amazon

Chihuahua Reigns at the Box Office

The Beverly Hills Chihuahua may not be bow- wowing the critics, but it’s stomping the competition this weekend at the box office. I suspect however harsh the critics are, the movie will still find a spot in the hearts of children and dog lovers.

The movie is about a Chihuahua named Chloe (voiced by Drew Barrymore) from Beverly Hills (of course), who runs into trouble while she’s in Mexico.

I haven’t seen the film yet, but every time I see the movie trailer, I’m reminded of the talking Chihuahua on the Taco Bell commercial several years ago.

If you saw the movie feel free to sound off on whether it’s worth the watch. We may go see it next weekend.

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