Oz The Great and Powerful Makeup and Costume: Behind The Scenes

I can’t wait to check out Oz The Great and Powerful when it hits theaters in a couple weeks! The breathtaking sets, and fabulous costumes have my attention already! I can’t wait to check out the story line. I’m sure it won’t disappoint! Here’s a quick peek behind the scenes at how they perfected the […]

Oz The Great and Powerful Balloon Tour

Disney announced the launch of the “Journey to Oz Balloon Tour” earlier this week. The tour is sponsored by leading multichannel retailer HSN and IMAX Corporation. The tour is to help promote and celebrate “Oz The Great and Powerful,” opening in U.S. theaters and IMAX® on March 8, 2013. I can’t wait to check it […]

2013 Disney Movies

The 2013 Disney Movie lineup looks pretty impressive! There are movies coming from several of Disney’s major studios including, Pixar, Dream Works, Marvel, and another film collaboration with Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Johnny Depp. There’s also going to be a re-release of one of Disney’s favorite classics, The Little Mermaid in 3D! I think it’s […]

Jennifer Lee to Direct Walt Disney’s Frozen

Walt Disney Studios announce today, Jennifer Lee, who was the co-screenwriter of WRECK-IT RALPH, has joined Director Chris Buck to help direct Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 53rd Full-Length Animated Feature, FROZEN! FROZEN features the voices of Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel and will be released in theaters everywhere on November 27, 2013! “Frozen” is a […]

Oz The Great and Powerful Latest Movie Trailer

Disney has a new twist on an old classic favorite. Oz The Great and Powerful will premiere in movie theaters everywhere on March 8th of 2013. This movie is a bit of a prequel to The Wizard of Oz and helps to explain how the mighty Wizard of Oz came to be. Here’s the story […]